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Perennials for 2021

Acanthus spinosus (Bear's Britches) blush white spikes, shiny leaves 3-4ft August
Achillea millefolium 'Firefly Diamond'* ivory corymbs with dark green leaves 28" early July
Achillea millefolium 'Firefly Sunshine' bright yellow corymbs 28" early July
Achillea millefolium 'Saucy Seduction' opens fuchsia pink, lightens to pink 22" early July
Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii' deep violet blue spikes 32" Sept.
Aconitum fischerii (Monkshood) lavender blue spikes; late 3ft Sept.
Adenophora bulleyana clusters of violet blue, drooping bells 18" June
Adiantum pedatum (Five Fingered Fern) lacy foliage for shade 20" foliage
Agastache foeniculum 'Blue Fortune' dense lavender blue spikes 3ft mid-July
Alcea rosea 'Black Knight' almost black 5-6ft August
Alcea rosea 'Chater Yellow' double, bright yellow Hollyhock 6ft August
Alcea rosea 'Mars Magic' bright red Hollyhock 6-7ft August
Alcea rosea 'Radiant Rose' exquisite, blended rose pink 5-6ft August
Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller' chartreuse sprays; mounded foliage 14" early June
Allium angulosum 'Summer Beauty' sterile lavender pink clusters 18" mid-June
Allium x hybrida 'Lavender Bubbles'* dark purple globes; blue green leaf 12" mid-Aug
Allium x hybrida 'Millenium' 2" dark purple globes 15" mid-Aug
Amsonia tabernaemontana (Blue Star) small, steel blue stars; willowy leaf 3-4' mid-June
Amsonia tabernaemontana 'Storm Cloud' blue flowers w. dark stems; mounded 28" mid-June
Amsonia x hybrida (Blue Star) small, steel blue stars; willowy leaf 3-4' mid-June
Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' white flowers on wiry stems; spreader 3ft Sept.
Aquilegia x hybrida 'Kirigami Mix'* mix of single upward facing flowers 22" early June
Artemesia schmidtiana 'Silver Mound' mounds of lacy, silver foliage 15" foliage
Aruncus x hybrida 'Chantilly Lace'* creamy white plumes on dwarf plants 28" early July
Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Flower) bright orange umbels 2ft late July
Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow' bright yellow umbels 2ft late July
Aster novae-angeliae 'Grape Crush'* dark purple flowers; mounded 26" Sept.
Astilbe chinensis 'Lighthouse' deep cherry red plumes held high 28" August
Astilbe chinensis 'Milk and Honey' dense, creamy plumes 30" late-July
Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila' tall rosy purple; stoloniferous 15" late-July
Astilbe chinensis 'Strawberry Cake'* large burgundy red plumes 28" August
Astilbe x arendsii 'August Light' red plumes; late blooming 3ft late July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Bridal Veil' pure white plumes 3ft mid-July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Burgundy Red' burgundy red plumes turn cerise 20" early July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Delft Lace' full, soft apricot pink; red stems 24" mid-July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Glow' dark red, plumes; bronze spring leaves 20" early July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Happy Spirit'* narrow white plumes with dark stems 22" mid-July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Heavy Metal'* full cherry redplumes 28" late July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Red Charm' arching, red plumes 40" mid-July
Astilbe x arendsii 'Spotlight' mahogany foliage; creamy pink plumes 18" mid-July
Astrantia major 'Abbey Road' large purple red flowers; long blooming 24" late June
Astrantia major 'Burgundy Manor' deep ruby red; long blooming 30" late June
Astrantia major 'Magnum Blush'* pink buds open to blush pink ivory 18" late June
Astrantia major 'Roma' silvery pink flowers; long blooming 28" late June
Astrantia major 'Ruby Cloud' rosy red; 2ft late June
Astrantia major 'Star of Billions' white with greenish tips 20" late June
Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' tri-colored Painted Fern 18" foliage
Baptisia australis 'Grape Taffy' reddish purple blue on shorter plant 30" mid-June
Baptisia minor var 'Purple Smoke' dusky purple spikes 4ft mid-June
Baptisia x australis 'Lemon Meringue' lemon yellow / dusky stems and buds 4ft mid-June
Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' silver overlay on leaf; blue sprays 15" May
Campanula percisifolia 'Blue Takion' blue bell shaped flowers 18" mid-July
Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips' pink terminal blooms 40" August
Chelone obliqua ''Rosea' pink blooms; 30" August
Cimicifuga atropurpurea 'Chocoholic' fragrant, white bottle brushes; dark leaves 3ft August
Cimicifuga atropurpurea 'Hillside Black Beauty' fragrant, white bottle brushes; dark leaves 5-6ft August
Cimicifuga atropurpurea 'Pink Spike' blush pink bottle brushes; dark leaves 4ft August
Clematis heraclaifolia 'China Purple' small purple clusters; reflexed florets 40" Sept.
Clematis paniculata (Autumn Clematis) profuse white flowers; fragrant 10ft Sept.
Clematis x hybrida 'Bonanza' lavender blue; (2004) 9' June ff
Clematis x hybrida 'Diamantina' double violet blue (2010) 8-14' June ff
Clematis x hybrida 'Diana's Delight' rich blue (2009) 6' June ff
Clematis x hybrida 'Josephine' rose with pink petaloids (1980) 10' June ff
Clematis x hybrida 'Ninon' abundance of 4" white flowers (2013) 4-5' June ff
Coreopsis x verticillata 'Moonbeam' lemon yellow flowers; feathery foliage 18" early July
Coreopsis x verticillata 'Zagreb' golden yellow flowers; feathery foliage 15" early July
Corydalis elata (Fumewort) true cobalt blue 18" mid-June
Crocosmia x hybrida 'Lucifer' scarlet sprays 3ft Sept.
Delphinium x elatum 'Blue Lace' sky blue spikes 5ft late June
Delphinium x elatum 'Cobalt Dreams' true cobalt blue spikes with white bee 4-6ft late June
Delphinium x elatum 'Guardian Blue'* blue spikes with purple overlay 40" late June
Delphinium x elatum 'Purple Passion' spikes of intense purple; white bee 5ft late June
Dianthus x hybrida 'Cute as a Button'* semi-double bright pink with eye; frag. 10" early June
Dianthus x hybrida 'Electric Red'* rich red flowers; fragrant 11" early June
Dianthus x hybrida 'Kiss and Tell' semi-double eyed white; fragrant 10" early June
Dianthus x hybrida 'Paint the Town Magenta'* single, vibrant pink; fragrant 18" early June
Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba' white dangling hearts 3ft May
Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart) rosy pink dangling hearts 3ft May
Dicentra spectabilis 'Valentine' rosy red dangling hearts 3ft May
Dicentra x hybrida 'Goldheart' golden foliage; rose pink blooms 30" May
Dicentra x hybrida 'King of Hearts' deep cherry; bluish, lacy foliage 12" May
Dictamnus albus 'Purpureus' mauve pink racemes 32" mid-June
Digitalis grandiflora (Perennial Foxglove) straw yellow spikes; reseeds 2ft mid-June
Dryopteris affinis cristata 'The King' crested male fern 36" foliage
Dryopteris goldiana Goldies Shield Fern crested fern 40" foliage
Echinacea purpurea 'Double Scoop Cranberry' double pompoms of cranberry red 30" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Double Scoop Mandarin' double pompoms of tropical orange 24" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Frankly Scarlet'* scarlet flowers age to coral 28" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Green Twister'* line green with magenta center 28" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Kim's Knee High' clear pink; drooping petals 28" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Kismet Raspberry'* large raspberry flowers; florific 18" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Kismet Red'* large rosy red flowers; florific 18" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Pink Fascinator' double hot pink 16" mid-July
Echinacea purpurea 'Purple Emperor' saturated magenta purple 18" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Raspberry Truffle' double salmon deepens to raspberry 30" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Ruby Star' large, deep old rose 30" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Sensation Pink' large, hot magenta flowers; dwarf 18" late July
Echinacea purpurea 'Strawberry Mango'* light yellow with rosy central ring 26" mid-July
Echinacea purpurea 'The Price is White'* white petals and green cone 22" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Somb Adobe Orange' best orange Echinacea 20" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Somb Granada Gold' rich golden yellow 20" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Somb Lemon Yellow' rich yellow with coppery cone 20" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Somb Salsa Red' spicy red orange with dark cone 24" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Somb Sangrita' vibrant scarler with dark cone 20" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Supreme Cantalope'* crested melon 26" late July
Echinacea x hybrida 'Tanager'* rich tangerine orange / dark cones 23" late July
Echinops ritro 'Veitch's Blue' vivid steel blue 40" late July
Epimedium perralchicum 'Frohnleiten' yellow flowers; very hardy 12" late June
Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Glitter'* shimmering steel blue, spiky flowers 36" mid-July
Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Star' larger, steel blue, spiky flowers 32" mid-July
Eupatorium maculatum 'Gateway'* large, mauve rose flowers / wine stems 5ft August
Eupatorium maculatum 'Glenda' large, dusty mauve flowers 5ft August
Euphorbia polychroma (Cushion Spurge) chartreuse bracts 16" May
Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Apricot' bicolor yellow with apricot centers 12" early July
Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Sun' bicolor red with yellow margin 12" early July
Geranium cinerarium 'Censation Daily Blue' violet blue with light eye 15" mid-June
Geranium x hybrida 'Rozanne' violet blue flowers; extended bloom 20" mid-June
Gillenia trifoliata (Bowman's Root) clouds of delicate white flowers 2ft early June
Gillenia trifoliata 'Pink Profusion' clouds of delicate pink flowers 2ft early June
Helenium autumnale 'Siesta'* mahogany red with brown centers 30" Sept.
Helianthus x multiflorus 'Sunshine Daydream'* double golden yellow 5-6ft August
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Burning Hearts'* single yellow with red central ring 4ft early July
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Summer Sun' long blooming yellow daisies 4ft early July
Helleborus x hybridus 'Confetti Cake' double, white with burgundy speckles 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus Dark and Handsome' semi-double near black 24" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Flower Girl'* double blush white /light pink 18" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Maid of Honor' double shades of pink 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Rio Carnival' single yellow with burgundy flares 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Romantic Getaway' red center on white background 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Rome in Red' deep maroon/wine red 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Tropical Sunset' single yellow streaked with burgundy 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'True Love' double, rich maroon red 20" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Wedding Bells' double clear white 24" May
Helleborus x hybridus 'Wedding Crasher' double, freckled soft pink 24" May
Hemerocallis 'Advance Party'* lavender pink/ wire edge/ yellow eye 28" early July
Hemerocallis 'Arrogant Bastard'* burgundy violet self / green throat; ML 44" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Atlanta Sweet Memories' light pink with green eye; high bud; M 25" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'August Frost'* pale yellow with blush tone; L 34" August
Hemerocallis 'Back to Nature' clear yellow 52" late July
Hemerocallis 'Bare Essentials' soft rose and peach bicolor 36" late July
Hemerocallis 'Beauty to Behold'* clear, ruffled lemon yellow; M 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Ben Kirk' orange with mahogany eye; M 22" late July
Hemerocallis 'Beth Barth' peachy polychrome; ML 36" late July
Hemerocallis 'Big Spender' golden orange 32" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Big Time Happy' ruffled canary yellow 18" early July
Hemerocallis 'Black Bird Sings'* ruffled grape violet 34" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Blackthorne' lavender pink with wine purple eye 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Bold Tiger'* recurved orange with large red eye; M 28" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Bombay Silk'* rrose red blend with white edge; EM 30" early-July
Hemerocallis 'Bored Housewife' hot pink 43" late July
Hemerocallis 'Capacity for Wonder'* lemon gold polychrome; ML 36" late July
Hemerocallis 'Carnal Emporium'* brilliant raspberry ; EM 43" early July
Hemerocallis 'Cherry Candy' gold with cherry eye; M 30" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Cheryl Cobb' rich raspberry pink 24" late July
Hemerocallis 'Chicago Star' large yellow blooms; M 24" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Christmas Ribbon'* sunfast red; spider variant; E 34" early July
Hemerocallis 'Clairevoyant Tendencies' rose pink w. mulberry halo 33" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Cliff Hayes'* apricot peach / pink midribs; M 38" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Clown Parade'* rose pink bicolor ; M 33" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Color Flush' bright orange red with deep eye; M 28" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Country Stroll'* soft, shell pink; L 34" late July
Hemerocallis 'Custard Candy' creamy yellow with maroon eye; EM 24" early July
Hemerocallis 'Duke of Earl' dusky ruby red self w green throat 30" late July
Hemerocallis 'Dunrobin Red Velvet'* large bright red; gold throat 34" late July
Hemerocallis 'Egyptian Spice' glowing apricot 28" August
Hemerocallis 'Emerald Dew' round, cool yellow; good foliage; EM 28" early-July
Hemerocallis 'Erin Lea'* fringed yellow; M 24" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Field Marshall' tomato red, yellow throat; ML 30" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Fire King' brilliant orange with red halo; L 30" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Garden Show' purple with green throat 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Golden Prize' golden yellow self; M 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns' lemon yellow; repeat bloom; E-VL 18" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Holiday Delight' deep orange w. darker eyezone:L 28" August
Hemerocallis 'Hosanna' apricot peach blend; L 26" August
Hemerocallis 'Hush Little Baby' ruffled rose pink; ML 22" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Illini Pacesetter' deep red self; M 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Irresistable Charm' bright yellow/orange eye & margin; EM 26" early July
Hemerocallis 'James Marsh' vibrant scarlet self; EM 28" early July
Hemerocallis 'Jazz King' gold with red eye & edge; M 30" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Jean Hamilton Memorial' recurved, bold red 34" August
Hemerocallis 'Jen Melon' amber gold self; L 26" August
Hemerocallis 'Jungle Fever' wide, blood red; good foliage 32" late July
Hemerocallis 'Just Passing Through' pale yellow with scalloped ruffles; M 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Lavender Blue Baby' recurved mauve with violet eyezone 28" early July
Hemerocallis 'Leah Abbott' deep rose with cream wire edges; M 22" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Life on Bajore' pale yellow with peach overlay EM 31" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Lime Frost'* green and white blend; VL 26" August
Hemerocallis 'Look' golden yellow self 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Love Fest'* huge rose self / wide yellow eye; M 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Love Glow' cantalope pink polychrome; M 30" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Love Those Eyes' golden yellow w. bright red eye; M 24" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Madam Ruby'* ruby red; L 28" August
Hemerocallis 'Magic Amethyst' amethyst lavender with lemon throat 27" early July
Hemerocallis 'Marmalade Skies'* ruffled, peach amber with rose halo; M 24" mid July
Hemerocallis 'Mary Todd' classic large yellow; EM 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Master Builder' warm orchid pink; long bloom time; ML 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Mauna Loa' amber gold; EM 24" early July
Hemerocallis 'Mint Condition' butter yellow; ML 24" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Modern Design' pale apricot with burgundy eye; M 24" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Molokai'* huge ruffled golden yellow; M 27" mid July
Hemerocallis 'New England Nights'* deep burgundy / yellow throat; M 30" mid- July
Hemerocallis 'Ollalie Shoshanna Marie' deep velvety red 33" August
Hemerocallis 'Oriental Opulence' ruffled yellow peach blend; ML 32" late July
Hemerocallis 'Paradise Bar and Grill'* violet rose with red watermark; M 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Passion for Red' vibrant red with large yellow eyezone 27" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Patio Parade' yellow self with green throat; M 28" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Penobscot' red self: ML 34" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Peoples Pleasure Park'* recurved red with green throat; ML 39" late July
Hemerocallis 'Primal Scream' huge orange; EM 34" early July
Hemerocallis 'Prince Redbird' round, ruffled red self; well branched 26" late July
Hemerocallis 'Red Javelin'* Clear cerise red ; ML 32" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Red Landscape' brilliant scarlet; M 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Red Monarch' * large red self ; M 32" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Rogue Primate* poinsettia red / softer water mark; ML 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Rubies in the Sky' pleated garnet crimson 38" late July
Hemerocallis 'Ruby Splendor'* deep ruby red / white edge; M 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Ruffled Storm' deep maroon with green throat; M 30" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Sandra Jean'* corduroyed, glowing apricot self; ML 22" late July
Hemerocallis 'Share A Little' pink with soft watermark 33" late July
Hemerocallis 'Sheep. V. Enchantress' pink; L 25" August
Hemerocallis 'Sheep. V. Glow'* bright orange red; L 33" August
Hemerocallis 'Sheep. V. Sunup' golden yellow self; cinnamon halo; ML 32" late July
Hemerocallis 'Siloam Irving Hepner cranberry grape self; ML 18" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Siloam Sunburst' bicolor apricot and peach; ML 25" late July
Hemerocallis 'Singing Cowboy'* rosy blend / gold crenellation; ML 38" late July
Hemerocallis 'Soft Summer Night'* ruffled baby pink with rose eye; EM 23" early July
Hemerocallis 'Spanish Glow' warm melon /peach 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Star Struck' amber gold self; L (aka Jen Melon) 26" August
Hemerocallis 'Stoned Soul Picnic'* plum purple self; green throat; ML 40" late July
Hemerocallis 'Storm Shelter' mauve w. large purple eye zone / edge 28" early July
Hemerocallis 'Summer Blush' apricot with rose eye; M 29" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Sunny Provence'* cadmium yellow self 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Sweet Sugar Candy' clear pink with red eyezone / green throat 25" August
Hemerocallis 'Tao of Physics' lavender violet with watermark 34" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Techny Peach Lace' golden rose blend 27" August
Hemerocallis 'The Goldilocks Effect'* ruffled polychrome; M 36" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Tiger Blood' creamy yellow w. large burgundy eye 24" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'True Substance' clear lemon yellow 28" early July
Hemerocallis 'Twirl Girl'* ruffled, golden yellow blend 26" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Undress your Imagination'* sculpted, rich peach; unusual form; EM 35" mid-July
Hemerocallis 'Vermont Ping'* large golden orange; M 38" mid July
Hemerocallis 'Violet Explosion' creamy yellow with violet eyezone; EM 25" mid July
Hemerocallis 'Watermelon Time'* watermelon pink with red blotch; M 32" mid July
Hemerocallis 'White Zone' wide, ruffled, near white self; M 25" mid July
Hemerocallis 'Xon Valdez' maroon/purple;ML 36" August
Hemerocallis 'Yellow Mammoth' large yellow bloom; M 36" late July
Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride' stalks of dense ivory bells 24" August
Heuchera x hybrida 'Black Pearl' shiny, jet black leaves / white bells 10" early June
Heuchera x hybrida 'Obsidian' compact glossy dark leaves 10" early June
Heuchera x hybrida 'Plum Pudding' burgundy leaves 10" early June
Hibiscus x hybrida 'Cranberry Crush' large, cranberry discs 3-4ft August
Hibiscus x hybrida 'Evening Rose' hot pink flowers and dark foliage 4ft August
Hibiscus x hybrida 'Holy Grail' large, deep red flowers; dark leaves 4ft August
Hibiscus x hybrida 'Spinderella'* huge pink blend with magenta eye 4ft August
Hosta 'Abba Irresistible'* ivory centers/ widedark green edge 12" August
Hosta 'Angel Falls' dark green margins; jetting light center 16" August
Hosta 'Blue Angel'* large blue green leaves 36" August
Hosta 'Bottom Line'* light green with yellow margin; Large 35" August
Hosta 'Captain Kirk'* gold centers with wide green margins 20" August
Hosta 'Cordelia'* dark green with creamy edges; dwarf 10" August
Hosta 'Diamond Lake' thick, very large blue leaves 17" August
Hosta 'Dress Blues'* blue green / creamy margin; Medium 24" August
Hosta 'Firn Line' wide, cream margin / blue green center 13" August
Hosta 'First Frost'* blue with cream margin; Halcyon sport 14" August
Hosta 'Geisha'* chartreuse centers / wide green margin 6" August
Hosta 'Golden Tiara'* gold edge; vigorous 15" August
Hosta 'Gypsy Rose'* wide, green border / wide cream center 20" August
Hosta 'Holy Mole'* chartreuse / wide dark margins ; Large 24" August
Hosta 'Ice Cream'* rounded olive green with gold edge 9" August
Hosta 'June Spirit'* chartreuse leaves; deep green margins 14" August
Hosta 'Kiwi Full Monty' blue sport of 'Striptease' 22" August
Hosta 'Krossa Regal' frosty blue leaves; vase shaped clump 40" August
Hosta 'Lakeside Cha Cha'* chartreuse / narrow cream margin 22" August
Hosta 'Lakeside Shore Master'* ivory center / wide blue green margin 14" August
Hosta 'Leola Fraim'* blue green / wide creamy margin 12" August
Hosta 'Liberty' wide blue jetting, yellow margins 26" August
Hosta 'Little Black Scape'* small, narrow green with dark scapes 10" August
Hosta 'Luna Moth'* wide light green margins 18" August
Hosta 'Lunar Orbit'* chartreuse with green margin 18" August
Hosta 'Northern Exposure'* thick blue green / wide creamy edges 30" August
Hosta 'Old Glory'* golden center / uneven green margins 14" August
Hosta 'One Last Dance' very dark center; wide yellow margins 16" August
Hosta 'Paradise Power'* golden yellow / narrow green margin 28" August
Hosta 'Piedmont Gold'* medium / large golden yellow 24" August
Hosta 'Potomac Pride'* very large, dark green leaves 25x50 August
Hosta 'Praying Hands' narrow, vertical green leaves 18" August
Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'* puckered chartreuse; green margin 10" August
Hosta 'Reptilian'* gray blue, seersuckered leaves 15" August
Hosta 'Seducer' jetted green centers with gold margins 26" August
Hosta 'September Sun'* large, chartreuse leaves/ green margin 24" August
Hosta 'Squash Casserole'* large, puckered chartreuse leaves 20" August
Hosta 'Stiletto'* narrow green leaves / white edge 12" August
Hosta 'Sultana'* compact green / wide gold margin 16" August
Hosta 'Sun Power' golden foliage 24" August
Hosta 'Sunshine Glory'* lime green / creamy white margin 24" August
Hosta 'Thunderbolt'* gold center with broad blue margin 36" August
Hosta 'True Blue'* arching, thick blue leaves 30" August
Hosta 'Twilight' thick green with wide gold edge 18" August
Hosta 'Unforgettable'* dark green / jetted lime margins 22" August
Hosta unknown small olive green / long petioles 8" August
Hosta 'Velvet Moon' wide, gold margin / green center 17" August
Hosta 'Waterslide' rippled, blue leaves 14" August
Hosta 'Whirlwind' cream centers with dark green edge 20" August
Hosta 'Wu La La' giant blue green leaf /chartreuse edge 40" August
Hosta minor* small, pointed green leaves 8" August
Hosta plantaginea* bright green / fragrant white flowers 24" August
Hosta sieboldii 'Paxton's Original' green leaf with white margins; purple flowers 15" August
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' huge white balls; cut back hard 3-5ft mid-July
Hydrangea arborescens 'Bobo' creamy white heads blush pink in fall; dwarf 3ft mid-July
Hydrangea arborescens 'Invinc Mini Mauvette' mauve pink on strong dwarf stems 2-3ft mid-July
Hydrangea arborescens 'Invincibelle Garnetta'* deep garnett buds open to lush pink 2-3ft mid-July
Hydrangea arborescens 'Invincibelle Ruby' burgundy red buds open ruby & silver 2.5ft mid-July
Hydrangea arborescens 'Invincibelle Wee White' rounded, dusty pink heads 2-3ft mid-July
Hydrangea paniculata 'Firelight' pure white to pink to pomegranate 5-6ft mid-July
Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight Prime'* lime heads mature to creamy pink 4-6ft mid-July
Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Quick Fire' early cream maturing to deep rose 5ft mid-July
Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky' pyramidal, two toned blush pink 8ft mid-July
Hydrangea paniculata 'Quick Fire' early cream maturing to pink 8ft mid-July
Hydrangea paniculata 'Zinfin Doll'* deep rose florettes at base/cream tips 4-6ft mid-July
Hydrangea petiolaris (Climbing Hydrangea) white clusters on climbing vine vine mid-July
Iris ensata 'Azure' open, violet blue with yellow base lines 32" July
Iris ensata 'Jocasta' light ground with blue halo and veining 36" July
Iris sibirica 'Alter Ego'* sky blue 30" July
Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother' medium blue 36" June
Iris sibirica 'Contrast in Styles' wine purple / lavender styles / white base 30" July
Iris sibirica 'Coronation Anthem' medium blue with white blaze 32" June
Iris sibirica 'Dear Delight' powder blue 30" July
Iris sibirica 'PB Miss Apple'* bicolor wine and lavender 30" June
Iris sibirica 'PB Tipped in Blue'* bicolor yellow and sky blue 28" June
Kierengeshoma palmata (Yellow Wax Bells) late, yellow bells for shade 3-5ft August
Lamiastrum galeobdolon (False Lamium) green / silver variegated ground cover 12" mid-June
Leucanthemum x superbum 'Becky' single, white daisy 3ft late June
Leucanthemum x superbum 'Libra'* compact, large white daisy 20" late June
Leucanthemum x superbum 'Switzerland' arge white daisy; florific 30" late June
Liatris spicata 'Kobold Original' rosy purple spikes 20" mid-July
Ligularia dentata 'Desdemona'* green leaves; golden daisies 3ft August
Ligularia dentata 'Othello'* olive green leaves; golden daisies 3ft August
Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower) brilliant red spikes 3ft August
Lupine x hybrida 'Russell Mix' mix of lupine colors 3ft early June
Mertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells) brilliant blue spring ephemeral 2ft May
Miscanthus sinensis 'Encore' white midribs; showy, creamy plumes 6-7ft grass
Miscanthus sinensis 'Huron Sunrise' silver midrib; burgundy inflorescence 6-7ft grass
Miscanthus sinensis 'Little Zebra' banded leaves; reddish plumes 4ft grass
Monarda didyma 'Bee-You-Bee Happy'* bright rosy red 30" mid-July
Monarda didyma 'Garden View Scarlet' large red; mildew resistant 3ft mid-July
Monarda didyma 'Jacob Kline' large red; mildew resistant 3ft mid-July
Monarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine' raspberry red 4ft mid-July
Monarda fistulosa 'Claire Grace' lavender, drought tolerant clumps 48" mid-July
Nepeta grandiflora 'Summer Magic'* strongly upright violet blue 18" mid-July
Nepeta sibirica large lav. blue flowers; upright habit 3ft mid-July
Nepeta X faassenii 'Cat's Meow' tidy, round shape; lavender blue flowers 20" mid-July
Nepeta X faassenii 'Kitten Around' compact, round shape; lavender blue 12" mid-July
Nepeta X faassenii 'Purrsian Blue' dense mound; lavender blue flowers 16" mid-July
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'All That Jazz' buff yellow with burgundy streaks 36" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Bartzella' semi double bright yellow with red eye 32" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Callie's Memory' apricot with red center 30" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Going Bananas'* single yellow with central red flares 30" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Hillary' dark peach pink fades to vanilla 30" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Julia Rose' semi double deep rose fades to apricot 30" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Kopper Kettle'* semi double coppery pink (1999) 24" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Pink Double Dandy'* semi double pink (aka 'Keiko') 24" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Scarlet Heaven' glowing magenta red 30" late June
Paeonia Itoh intersectional 'Singing in the Rain'* creamy blush yellow matures to peach 32" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Auten's White' double creamy white; F () 31" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Buckeye Belle' semi double dark red (1956) 34" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Dr. F.G. Brethour' double white; fragrant; late 34" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Duchess de Nemours' double, creamy white; mid (1856) VF 34" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Kansas' double bright red (1940) 32" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Karl Rosenfield' crimson (1908) 31" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Minuet'* double light pink: late (1931) F 36" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Mons. Jules Elie' large double pink F (1988) 30" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'President Roosevelt' double red F (1905) 28" mid-June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Rachel' double red; sturdy F (1904) 28" late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Raspberry Sundae' full creamy pink F (1968) 3ft late June
Paeonia lactiflora 'Sorbet' layers of pink and vanilla F (1987) 30" mid-June
Paeonia tenufolia (Fern Leaf Peony) double, ruby red; ferny foliage 28" late May
Papaver orientale 'Brilliant' deep red 30" late June
Papaver orientale 'Princess Victoria Louise' light salmon pink 28" late June
Parthenium integrifolium (Wild Quinine) waxy white clusters bloom all summer 4ft early July
Penstemon digitalis 'Blackbeard' lavender purple flowers; very dark leaf 36" late June
Phlox paniculata 'Blue Paradise' deep periwinkle blue 4ft August
Phlox paniculata 'Glamour Girl'* strong coral pink 32" August
Phlox paniculata 'Opalescence'* baby pink with eye; resists didease 32" August
Phlox paniculata 'Ultraviolet'* magenta violet; resists disease 34" August
Phlox subulata 'Goldiphlox Cherry'* compact, bright pink with darker eye 6" May
Phlox subulata 'Phlox Trot' large pink 6" May
Phlox subulata 'Purple Beauty' intense deep purple 6" May
Phlox subulata 'Rocky Road Violet Blue' glowing violet blue 6" May
Phlox subulata 'Spring Dark Pink' early, deep pink 6" May
Phlox subulata 'Spring White' pure white 6" May
Physostegia virginiana 'Miss. Manners' white clumping form 24" August
Platycodon grandiflorus 'Fuji Blue'* deep violet blue cups 20" mid-July
Platycodon x hybrida 'Astra Blue Single' violet blue cups on bushy plants 8" mid-July
Platycodon x hybrida 'Astra Pink Single' single pink cups 8" mid-July
Primula acaulis 'Blue Zebra' indigo blue w, white striations 6" May
Primula vulgaris (English Primrose) nodding, tubular, sulphur yellow cowslips 6" May
Pulmonaria x angustifolia (Lungwort) pink buds age to blue; green leaves 10" May
Pulmonaria x hybrida 'Trevi Fountain' cobalt blue flowers; spotted leaves 12" May
Rodgersia aesculifolia (Rodger's Flower) blush white flowers; dark green foliage 36" late June
Rodgersia henrici rusty pink flowers; dark green foliage 34" late June
Rodgersia pinnata 'Chocolate Wings' bronzed foliage; pink clusters 32" late June
Rudbeckia maxima (Great Coneflower) very tall, golden yellow daisy 6ft August
Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Little Henry' shorter, quilled yellow composite 3ft Sept.
Rudbeckia sullivantii 'Goldsturm' classic, golden yellow Rudbeckia 30" August
Rudbeckia sullivantii 'Little Goldstar' compact golden yellow 14" August
Rudbeckia x hybrida 'Glitters Like Gold'* improved 'Goldsturm'- disease resistant 30" August
Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' violet blue spikes with dark stems 30" mid-June
Salvia nemorosa 'Caramia' dark purple florets on dark stems 16" mid-June
Salvia nemorosa 'Violet Riot' vivid violet blue spikes 22" mid-June
Salvia x hybrida 'Bazuin Dark Night'* violet blue on dark stems 10" mid-June
Salvia x nemorosa 'Violet Profusion'* violet blue; dense habit 15" mid-June
Sedum kamtschaticum 'Boogie Woogie'* variegated foliage / yellow flowers 6" mid-July
Sedum kamtschaticum 'Little Miss Sunshine'* green foliage / yellow flowers 6" mid-July
Sedum sieboldii (October Daphne) blue green leaf w. pink margin; pink 8" mid-July
Sedum x hybrida 'Plum Perfection'* plum grey foliage / pink starry flowers 8" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Popstar' dusky pink. dense mounds 12" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Sunspark. Dazzleberry' smoky foliage; raspberry flowers 8" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Sunspark. Firecracker' cherry red foliage; pink flowers 6" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Sunspark. Wildfire' ruby leaves; pink flowers 6" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Superstar' smoky foliage; deep rosy flowers 10" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Thundercloud'* blush white flower heads on dwarf plants 8" August
Sedum x hybrida 'Thunderhead' large rosy purple heads; grey foliage contrast 27" August
Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks) assorted rosettes 3" mid-July
Thalictrum aquilegiafolium 'My Litle Favorite'* foamy, violet purple trusses; dwarf 2ft early June
Thermopsis chinensis 'Sophia' lemon yellow spikes in early spring 18" early June
Tradescantia x hybrida 'Purple Profusion' deep violet blue; non-aggressive 2ft early June
Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen' deep gold with prominent stamens 18" mid-June
Trollius europaeus 'Superbus' golden yellow globes 30" mid-June
Vernonia x lettermanii 'Southern Cross' purple with Narrow leaves; fall bloom 4ft Sept.
Veronica x hybrida 'Wizard of Ahhs'* dense spikes of deep violet blue 16" late-June
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Cupid' lilac blue spikes on strong stems 3-4ft August
Waldesteinia ternata (Barren Strawberry) green ground cover 8" May