New Annuals from Cuttings for 2020

Angelonia 'Angelface Steel Blue'* extra large lavender blue flowers; 24""
Begonia boliviensis 'Encanto Blush White'* pendulous white tubular flowers; sun or light shade
Begonia boliviensis 'Portofino Hot Coral'* deep coral orange; sun or part shade
Begonia boliviensis 'Portofino Hot Orange'* bright orange; sun or part shade
Begonia boliviensis 'Portofino Yellow'* mounded bright yellow; sun or part shade
Begonia rex 'Spitfire'* cherry red centers with silver margins; 8"
Caladium 'Chinook'* salmon pink leaves with green margins; 14"
Caladium 'Flatter Me'* green and white with cherry veins; 16"
Caladium 'Lemon Bush'* chartreuse green with cherry mid ribs
Caladium 'Snow Drift'* white with green mid ribs
Calibrachoa 'Superbells Plum'* dusky purple with dark eye
Calibrachoa 'Superbells Watermelon Punch'* rosy coral pink with dark eye
Coleus 'Burgundy Wedding Train'* maroon with green margins; relaxed 8"
Coleus 'Fifth Avenue'* rose centers, burgundy margins, green edges; 12"
Coleus 'Great Falls Angel'* bright pink, burgundy margin, green edges; 12"
Coleus 'Oxblood'* burgundy red with gold, scalloped margins; 18"
Coleus 'Oxford Street'* russet red with chartreuse scalloped margins; 12"
Coleus 'River Walk'* green and yellow blend; 12"
Cosmos 'Chocamocha'* cocoa scented, dusky brownish red flowers; 16"
Dahlia 'Hypnotica Purple Bicolor'* double lavender blend; 15"
Dahlia 'Hypnotica Red Velvet'* double velvety red; 15"
Dahlia 'Hypnotica Rose Bicolor'* double rose yellow; 12"-18"
Dahlia 'Hypnotica Tequila Sunrise'* double peach yellow blend; 15"
Dahlia 'Hypnotica Yellow'* double bright yellow; 15"
Dipladenia 'Jade Pink'* pink flowers; bushy habit; blazing sun
Dipladenia 'Jade Red'* cherry red flowers; bushy habit; blazing sun
Dipladenia 'Jade White'* white flowers with yellow throat; bushy; blazing sun
Dipladenia 'Opal Citrine'* bright yellow flowers; semi-vining; blazing sun
Dipladenia 'Sun Parasol Apricot'* creamy apricot flowers; vining habit; blazing sun
Dipladenia 'Sun Parasol Giant White'* white flowers; vining habit blazing sun
Euphorbia 'Diamond Snow'* dainty, double white flowers on 12" plant
Fuchsia 'Southgate'* double pink corolla / pink sepal; trailing
Geranium 'Moonlight Scarlet Red'* light, salmony pink
Geranium 'Tango White'* pure white with very dark leaves
Geranium Regal 'Aristo Burgundy'* burgundy; 18"; full sun
Geranium Regal 'Aristo Lilac'* lavender with burgundy blotch; 18"; full sun
Geranium Regal 'Aristo Purple Stripes'* blush white with burgundy centers; 18"; full sun
Geranium Regal 'Aristo Red Beauty'* glowing red with picotee edge; 18"; full sun
Geranium Regal 'Aristo Strawberry Cream'* pink with broad fuchsia eye zone; 15"; full sun
Geranium Scented 'Citronella'* citrus scent; deeply lobed leaves; light pink
Geranium Scented 'Lemon'* lemon scent; small crinkled leaves; pink flowers
Geranium Scented 'Old Fashioned Rose'* strongly rose scented with finely cut leaves
Helichrysum 'Silver Ribbon'* upright, silvery gray leaf; 12"; sun
Hypoestes 'Hippo Pink'* speckled light pink & green foliage; sun / shade; 16"
Impatiens 'Bounce Coral'* hybrids for sun or shade; 20"
Ivy Geranium 'GBF Pink'* bright pink; trailing
Ivy Geranium 'GBF Stars and Stripes'* semi-double red & white bicolor; trailing
Ivy Geranium 'GBF Velvet Red'* semi-double deep red; darker green leaf; trailing
Ivy Geranium 'Ivy League Salmon'* semi-double deep burgundy; trailing
Ivy Geranium 'Timeless Pink'* interspecific, florific pink; semi-trailing
Lantana 'Hot Blooded Red'* more vigorous, sterile red; mounded 15" -18"
Lantana 'Samantha' variegated leaf; yellow flowers;mounded 12"
Osteospermum '4D Harvest Moon'* yellow with burgundy crest; 10"- always open
Osteospermum '4D Violet Ice'* pale icy violet with darker crest; 10"- stays open
Petunia landscape 'Crazytunia Tiki Torch'* tropical orange / pink blend with dark star; mounding
Plumbago 'Blue'* clusters of periwinkle blue; to 24"; tropical
Salvia 'Rockin' Blue Suede Shoes'* periwinkle blue spikes, well branched; to 3ft
Salvia 'Rockin' Fuchsia'* fuchsia pink spikes, well branched; to 3ft
Salvia 'Unplugged So Blue'* mid blue spikes; 22"
Salvia 'Vibe Ignition Fuchsia'* vibrant, deep fuchsia spikes, well branched; 18"
Salvia 'Vibe Ignition White'* pure white spikes, well branched; 18"
Scaevola 'Suntastic Yellow'* well branched, two toned yellow Fan Flower
Sunflower 'Suncredible'* ever blooming, bushy, yellow sunflowers; to 38"
Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy Orange Diverse'* orange yellow blend with dark eye - vining 5-8ft
Tub. Begonia Hybrid 'Funky Pink'* shredded bright pink; pendulous
Tub. Begonia Hybrid 'Funky Scarlet* shredded scarlet; pendulous
Verbena 'Superbena Red'* solid red; spreading