New Annuals from Cuttings for 2018

Alstroemeria 'Lisa'* yellow with pink reverse; 12" - 15"
Angelonia 'Angelos Blue and White'* large blue & white bicolor; 12"
Begonia boliviensis 'Rise Up Aloha Gold'* smaller yellow flowers with blush backs
Begonia boliviensis 'Rise Up Coral Reef'* smaller coral flowers
Begonia boliviensis 'Rise Up Flamingo Dream'* prolific salmon pink with buttery center; mounded
Begonia boliviensis 'Rise Up Hot and Spicy'* prolific orange red flowers; mounded
Begonia boliviensis 'Rise Up Salmon Chiffon'* prolific salmon flowers; mounded
Begonia boliviensis 'Shine Bright Amore Red'* bright red single flowers; well branched
Begonia boliviensis 'Shine Bright White'* pure white single flowers; well branched
Begonia boliviensis 'Shine Grenadine Red'* bright, double cherry red flowers; well branched
Calibrachoa 'Superbells Blue Moon Punch'* lavender blue with wide, deep purple eye
Celosia 'Dragon's Breath'* rosy red plumes and deep red foliage
Cleome 'Pink Lady'* light pink; 24"-36" upright habit
Coleus 'Neptune's Net'* burgundy and green netted effect; 18" - 24"
Coleus 'Oxford Street'* cherry and burgundy centers; lime scalloped margins
Coleus 'Spitfire'* rusty orange leaves; 18"-24"
Cuphea 'Floriglory Diana'* larger rosy purple flowers - 12"
Cuphea 'Floriglory Maria'* larger white flowers; 12"
Dahlia 'Cozumel'* bright lavender pink; 15" - 18"
Dahlia 'Purple Gem'* rich magenta purple; cactus flowered form; 4ft
Dahlia 'Sonoro'* bright yellow; 15"-18"
Dahlia 'Sunset'* larger coral peach; 16"-22"
Dahlia 'Tequila'* peach yellow blend; 15"-18"
Echevaria Collection'* various Echeverias
Echevaria nodulosa'* rosettes of green with reddish bands; upright 6"
Echevaria 'Purple Pearle von Nurnberg'* pinkish purple rosettes
Fuchsia 'Professor Henkel'* narrow scarlet flowers- 2-3ft upright; sun/shade
Geranium Regal 'Imperial Elegance'* lavender pink & burgundy; full sun
Geranium Regal 'Purple Majesty Elegance'* blush white with magenta eye; full sun
Ivy Geranium 'Caliente Magenta'* interspecific, florific magenta pink; semi-trailing
Lobelia 'Magadi Compact Blue'* indigo blue; compact; 6"-10"
New G. Impatiens 'Sunpatiens Purple'* medium purple; compact form
Oregano 'Kirigami'* dense, mounded light green foliage; rosy bracts
Petunia landscape 'Capella Pink Lace'* compact light pink with burgundy eye
Petunia landscape 'Crazy. Blackberry Cheesecake'* blend of burgundy, plum, and cream; semi-trailing
Petunia landscape 'Crazytunia Citrus Twist'* bicolor lemon and orange; mounding
Petunia landscape 'Super. Limoncello'* pale yellow with deeper centers; trailing
Petunia landscape 'Super. Really Red'* true bright red; trailing
Petunia landscape 'Surfinia Deep Red'* rich, deep red; trailing
Salvia 'Bodacious Rhythm & Blues'* early, cobalt blue; 3ft
Salvia 'Love and Wishes'* magenta with maroon calyces; 32"
Salvia 'Magic Wand'* dense, violet blue spikes; 24"-36"
Salvia 'Sallyfun Deep Ocean'* light blue with white lip; 18"
Salvia 'Santa Barbara'* rosy lavender spikes; 24"
Thunbergia 'Arizona Rose Sensation'* rose pink with dark eye - vining 5-8ft
Verbena 'Regale Peachy Keen'* peach flower clusters