New Annuals from Seed for 2018

Begonia 'Volumia White'* large flowered white; sun or shade 12"
Calendula 'Bon Bon Yellow'* early, golden yellow 15"
Calendula 'Bonbon Orange'* early, brilliant orange 15"
Calendula 'Costa Mix'* early, mix of colors 12"
Cosmos 'Cosmic Red'* semi-double scarlet red 12"
Cosmos 'Sonata Purple'* deep magenta purple discs 2-3ft
Impatiens 'Candy Deep Pink'* deep rose flowers on compact plants; for shade 10"
Impatiens 'Candy Lavender Blue'* lavender flowers shade or sun 10"
Penstemon 'Arabesque Appleblossom'* blush pink flower spikes 28"
Penstemon 'Arabesque Red'* cherry red flower spikes; white throats 28"
Snapdragon 'Rocket Bronze'* bronze spikes taller plants 3ft
Snapdragon 'Sonnet Orange Scarlet'* striking scarlet with orange on mid-sized plants 2ft